Used for Bulking of a none cereal base including Molehill, Tops soil, Damp leam etc....

Clive Branson

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The Secret.....
It has been a closely guarded secret for many years that when using groundbait. The less cereal in your mix the longer the fish will stay in your swim. Fish will naturally eat cereal groundbaits and the lesson learnt many years ago from the continental anglers; that feeding leam or soil added with a small amount of groundbait attractor would keep the fish feeding longer in your swim.

This method is now common practice on many waters including the River Wye with record fish weights now being recorded. I personally had enjoyed this secret for many years and accounted for many winning successes.

Having let this secret out of the bag I am more than happy to introduce you to my special ingredient additives to mix with Molehill and sieved topsoil Thus not only catching extra fish but saving a fortune in bulk groundbaiting….

Clive Branson

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