F1 Mix

Fl Mix

A Special Sweet & Sour of Aromatic Flavours That F1 Carp find irresistible

The Spiced flavour has been a proven winning
Formula on commercial fisheries which gets the fish into a feeding frenzy 

Add a small amount of water when mixing Use dry or a wet slop down the margin or open water with a pole cup


As an Angler I know the cost of packaging can be costly and adds to the cost greatly Therefore All groundbait comes in  basic packaging to help keep the cost down giving the Angler real Value for Money


Available in 1kg bags

Free Delivery on order's over £20 Only

This F1 Mix groundbait was an accident when using on a commercial fishery. Introducing this mix into the water when the swim was dead. Suddenly the swim came alive with F1 Carp. The mix includes a variety of mixed spices that attract all species of fish. The secret is the sweet and bitter flavour that attracts all species of fish into the swim.

This is a winning mix for F1 Carp

Mixing: Mix into your mixing bowl and add small amount of water. until you get a dryish mix. Or alternatativley mix wet to create a slop. Introduce into the swim creating a cloud

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