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Special Roach

A special Stillwater mix of Crumb, Biscuit, Corn coconut and Aniseed. A special Light mix that attracts all types of fish especially Roach Skimmers, Bream, Tench and Carp. .


Using Roach Groundbait

Available in 1kg Paper Bags

This Special light Mix contains a mixture of blends that lingers in the water and is ideal for stillwater fishing. Use in conjunction with a waggler or Pole this Groundbait has a unique mixtures of Musky smells and attractors that sink slowly It is ideal for fishing on the drop catching fish at all levels in the water

Add water to the mix in a bowl, use palm of hand or blend with drill wisk until it binds making small balls before adding to the swim

As an Angler I know the cost of packaging can be costly and adds to the cost greatly Therefore All groundbait comes in  basic packaging to help keep the cost down giving the Angler real Value for Money
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(Development & Formulation: Being brought up on stillwater lake fishing in my early days I would often take my time in sieving off pure brown breadcrumbs for my groundbait fishing. In conjunction with waggler tactics I became very good, but not until the advent of continental groundbaits did my fishing results take off. Having looked at various groundbaits when fishing abroad in Belgium I could see that breadcrumb on its own would never compete with the continental types of groundbait. With these new mixes the continental mixes would not only mix better but in its application would linger longer in the stillwater, making it ideal for all depth fishing including pole fishing. Based on what I learned from the Belgium anglers I developed this mix with the help of some essentail amino acids including a hint of bloodworm & Aniseed combined with coconut, crumb and light biscuits. Its an ideal medium for carrying maggot bait and casters allowing a natural sink of the bait. Casting into the clouded bait area caught me some great catches of fish)


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