Spicy Pure Breadcrumb


Pure Milled groundbait
with a spicy additive Make an ideal natural groundbait

Any breadpunch angler will tell you that this type of groundbait will not be beaten and often catch more than traditional mixes

Try it yourself and see....

Irresistible for F1s Carp

  As an Angler I know the cost of packaging can be costly and adds to the cost greatly Therefore All groundbait comes in  basic packaging to help keep the cost down giving the Angler real Value for Money

Clive Branson

(World Champion)

This is a pure bread groundbait and flavour added. This has been a proven success by a few anglers. Flavoured crumb groundbaits have been around for a while however when a fish have been caught on a regular basis on the same flavour it pays to change to another where the fish respond again and therefore Spicy crumb is definitely worth a try

Spicy Crumb

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