Barbel Mix

This is a Special Barbel Mix

Using a mixture Fishmeal, Blood, Garlic and other special ingredients this mix was formed to catch the Barbel species

Having being asked to produce a special mix for Barbel and with my knowledge of fish species and their feeding preferences I produced this mix. Using a blend of Amino Acid foods that included Halibut Fishmeal, Blood,Garlic, crushed Hemp & Maize mixed with bloodworm colouring that when used blends in with the River Bed.

Use in conjuction with the feeder method. Add Water until you get the correct texture to plug into the end of the feeder. Mix with Pellets, Caster, Hemp Maggots etc…



(As an Angler I know the cost of packaging can be very costly and adds to the cost greatly While Other Brands of Groundbait Companies charge you the angler for the pretty packaging I have done the opposite. All Goldmedal groundbait comes in basic packaging to help keep the cost down giving the Angler real Value for Money therefore much cheaper)




Comes in packs of 5 x 1Kg Bags

(£19.99 plus Postage £4.99 = £24.98)

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