Black Bream Mix

This mix was especially developed for Bream & Skimmers, It will also attract Tench, Roach and Carp into the swim This special mixture of fishmeal and Sweet Aniseed Will make the fish feed in a frenzy  Add water to the groundbait,  mix then sieve off larger particles. Use the sieved of particles for balling in. Use the finer mix for plugging the ends in a feeder

This Special mix consists of blending together ingredients that attract fish into your swim and gets them feeding into a frenzy. Using a natural black base that blends on the bottom of the swim that does not spook the fish while the sweet smell of aniseed plus fishmeal & particles keeps them interested. This mix has been tested and proved to be a Match winning combination by myself and other anglers. Worth a try…

Mixing: Add water to the groundbait and mix with the palm of your hand or Mixing drill. Then sieve off larger particles. Add small amounts of bait. Ideal for plugging the ends of a feeder

Comes in packs of 5 x 1Kg Bags

(£19.99 plus Postage £4.908 = £24.98)

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