BloodWorm Mix

A special mix of bloodworm. A natural groundbait mix that attracts all types of fish.

(Development & Formulation:  Learning that Bloodworm was as natural bait as you could fish with whilst fishing my International duties in the early 80s was a big learning curve and knowing that this bait was far better than most other baits being used. Being perhaps one of the first in the UK matchfishing circuit to use neat bloodworm as a groundbait soon attracted its criticism. After very succesfull results Bloodworm was banned in most matches including Team matches. The cost of bloodworm was perhaps too expensive for the average angler. So this is where my Bloodworm mix was developed, if bloodworm was banned why not use a dried bloodworm mix in the groundbait, as of yet this type of groundbait has not been banned and proving a match winning mix by a few anglers. )

Bloodworm is a fish’s natural food and using this special sweet bloodworm mix can attract fish into your swim, the unique fragrance of bloodworm has a special amino acid that all fish find irresistible using this mixture either on its own or mixing with other groundbaits can be very rewarding 
Add water to the mix in a bowl until it binds before adding it to the swim

Comes in Packs of 5 x 1Kg bags Plus Postage £4.98)

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