Explosive Swimfeeder Mix

A Special Exploding Mix Formulated for catching fish on the feeder

This special Exploding Swimfeeder mix was formulated for catching a wide variety of fish including Carp, Bream, Skimmers, Roach, Tench and Perch

The special exploding mix has a combination of ingredients that includes Crushed Hemp, oily seed & Nuts, Crumb, Buscuit & Aniseed Plus a special exploding ingredient

Dark in colour that does not to spook feeding fish in clear waters, Ideal for Stillwater and slow moving rivers

Use with a cage or open-ended swimfeeder, helps to hold in loose feed offerings while exploding inside the feeder attracting fish into the swim

Add water slowly to the groundbait and gradually mix together until you have a damp dryish feel, ready to push onto the feeder. Because of the explosive mix it will come out of the feeder in a burst open landing on the bottom

The groundbait will very quickly break up in the water around the feeder whilst attracting fish to the waiting bait

(Development & Formulation: Feeder fishing has become very popular over the last decade. So much so that there are designated matches to this technique including World Feeder Championships and Feeder Master Championships. Feeder techniques can account for catches of fish far easier than standard float fishing. The advantage of feeder fishing is not only accuracy in placing the groundbait but also it allows the even distribution of feed into the swim and very often dictates the amount the fish are willing to eat. making feeder fishing very popular and easy to use. Therefore with my experience on how & why fish respond to feeding fishing, I developed this Groundbait in mind.
Fish respond to activity due to their hunting instinct plus the natural aroma of food. I developed this exploding feeder mix not only with natural fish protein but also with oily and natural organic material. Under test, I have found all fish will respond to this groundbait and have caught many big bags of fish. I would recommend this Explosive Groundbait if you’re into Feeder Fishing and want to have an advantage over the rest)


Comes in Packs of 5 x 1Kg Bags

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