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With Over 50 years of fishing experience, from local clubs to Open Matches, Nationals, and World Championships. World champion “1987” and runner-up Silver Medal “1986” Gold Medal Team Wales “1989” Bronze Medal “1982” Winner of the 2nd Day event four times and holding a top 1 and 2 place ranking in the World for many years….

Being accredited for bringing Continental types of groundbait secrets and mixes back to the UK in the late eighties I am now proud to re-introduce the popular “Gold Medal Groundbait” range back into the marketplace.

Using secret mixes and additives gleamed  from my years of fishing the International circuit including Belgium, France, Dutch and Italian formula’s combined with British ingredients I have formulated the range of Gold Medal Groundbaits. Using the mixes on international and at home with great success over the years

All my Groundbait formulations are made specifically and targeted to each individual species of fish and situations. With over 25 Years in fish Keeping and over 50 years of Match Angling I have formulated ingredients to attract specific species of fish into the anglers swim and conditions whether Still or Running water, allowing the best opportunity of catching the maximum out of your swim

I am therefore proud to introduce my complete range of products to the British Angler including a few new mixes that have come very popular and successful…

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Pure Bread Crumb

Special Goldmedal Mix

Barbel Mix

Bream Laxative Mix

Black Bream Mix

BloodWorm Mix

Blood Mix

Black Majic

Black Aniseed

Carp Mix

Canal Mix

Chub Mix Special

Chocolate Mix

Continental Mix

Explosive Swimfeeder Mix

Fishmeal Mix

F1 Mix

Green Swim Fishmeal

Green Swim Sweet “n” Fish


Method Mix (Green)

Oily Seed Mix

Sticky Meatamix

Special Roach Mix

Stiff Turbo

River Mix

Lake Mix


Special Paste



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