F1 Mix

Fl Mix

A Special Sweet & Sour of Aromatic Flavours That F1 Carp find irresistible

The Spiced flavour has been a proven winning Formula on commercial fisheries which gets the fish into a feeding frenzy 
Add a small amount of water when mixing Use dry or a wet slop down the margin or open water with a pole cup


This F1 Mix groundbait was an accident when using on a commercial fishery. Introducing this mix into the water when the swim was dead. Suddenly the swim came alive with F1 Carp. The mix includes a variety of mixed spices that attract all species of fish. The secret is the sweet and bitter flavour that attracts all species of fish into the swim.

This is a winning mix for F1 Carp

Comes in 5 x 1Kg Bags Plus Delivery £24.98)

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