Stiff Turbo

A special heavey mix that contains a seed based groundbait that slowly breaks up. Ideal for deep swims and moving Water. Add a small amount of water until it creates a stiff mix that your happy with

A slow breaking down groundbait that releases your bait particles into the swim over a period of time.

This heavy stiff mix was developed for deep stillwater venues that would allow the mix to slowly break up over a long period. This was especially useful in releasing bait such as bloodworm and joker over a longer period in the swim. As part of their groundbaiting they would introduce this slow breaking up mix combined with a softer mix that would break up quickly thus allowing the two mixes to work together, the first mix would attract fish into the swim while the stiffer mix would slowly breakup that would hold the fish in the swim longer

Mix in a bowl by adding small amounts of water until you get a stiff mix. Add particles of bait before making into balls ready to introduce into the swim

Comes in Packs of 5 x 1Kg Bags

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