Molehill is an organic non cereal based medium used for adding to groundbait or used on its own. A natural sieved earth That doesn’t fill the feeding fish up

(When purchased; the bag will have to be opened allowing the organic material to breath)

Use in conjunction with our additives

Using Molehill as a groundbait became popular in the seventies, used as a substitute for damp leam that was being introduced into groundbait favoured by the continental anglers. Molehill binds the groundbait together and makes the mix heavier. Ideal for rivers and deep water venues plus less feed is introduced in the swim and when it breaks down makes an attractive cloud in the water.    

Mixing: Using damp molehill on its own or mix with dry groundbait, adding very little water as you mix ready to make balls that are introduced into the swim either with a cup or by hand. Flatten balls when introduced into a river that allows the groundbait not to roll away.

Comes in Packs of 5 x 1Kg Bags

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